What is the Exertion Games Lab?

The Exertion Games Lab is a research lab within the Games Program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Australia.

What does the Exertion Games Lab do?

The Exertion Games Lab invents the future of gaming in order to understand how to design better interactive experiences, in particular games that require intense physical effort from players.

The research is particularly focused on the merging of “play” and the human “body”, drawing from research streams such as embodied interaction, interaction design, human-computer interaction and games research.

What is the Exertion Games Lab like?

Inspired by the culture of the MIT Media Lab, the Exertion Games Lab is an interdisciplinary work environment full of creative scientists, designers, artists and engineers from all over the world.

The Exertion Games Lab is headed by Dr. Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller, a graduate of the MIT Media Lab and a Fulbright fellow at Stanford University.

We don’t just philosophise and write about the future, we actively invent it. We emphasize the development of working prototypes and gaming demonstrators of new technologies in order to fully understand how players would use them in the future.

What does the Exertion Games Lab offer to students?

The Exertion Games Lab offers supervision for a wide range of degrees, please see the Engage page.

What does the Exertion Games Lab offer to industry and non-profit organizations outside university?

We engage in contract and collaborative research projects. We also offer tailored workshops and seminars to organizations looking for insight into new gaming innovations and foresight of future technology and media trends. Contact us  to open a dialogue on how we can help your organization transform itself for a future of play.

Where is the Exertion Games Lab?

The Exertion Games Lab is located in the heart of the city of Melbourne, Australia, within the RMIT city campus. The address is RMIT, building 14, level 11, room 04, 414-418 Swanston St, Melbourne, Victoria 3001, Australia.

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