Bubble Popper

Bubble Popper is an exertion game that combines the magic of popping bubbles in a merged physical-virtual space: players pop virtual bubbles appearing in the physical environment. Players can enjoy the tranquility of popping bubbles, similar to a bubble-wrap popping experience, or they can engage in competitive behaviour, trying to pop more bubbles than their play partner.

This game questions our understanding of how physical bodies relate to one another in digital games: unlike in most console games, such as with Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Kinect where the sensor technology requires players to occupy distinct playing spaces and body contact is discouraged, the players in Bubble Popper are encouraged to use each other’s bodies in the game interaction: players can lift one another up to reach bubbles higher up, or they can push each other out of the way to snatch bubbles away from their play partner.

Bubble Popper is realized with a Wiimote that tracks infrared light that is triggered by a custom-made glove participants wear to pop the bubbles.

Bubble Popper by Sevcan Ali, Daniel Beilharz, Luke Dominic-Butterworth, Paco Casarez and Nicolas Hower and the Bubble Popper project website.


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